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Most public safety agencies are focused on their current challenges of funding and implementing a body-worn camera program. Very little thought has gone into what is coming next with this technology. What impact do body-worn cameras have in the following functions within a public safety agency?  

  • Operations management

  • Intelligence

  • Crime analysis

  • Video content analytics

  • Data and systems integration

  • Compliance & Auditing

  • Technological evolution 

  • Risk Management


Daniel Zehnder, Founder and CEO of Principis Group Inc., can provide:

  • Assistance in building a strategic plan for the future of body-worn cameras in a police agency;

  • Insights into future technology opportunities and law enforcement needs to manufacturers;

  • Advice on the impact and implications for local government of future technology developments.


Let Principis Group apply foresight to ensure your body-worn camera program successes remain successes.



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