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Collaboration, both internally and externally, to the public safety agency is key to successfully implementing a body-worn camera program. It is absolutely essential that all areas of expertise within an agency are brought together to develop a comprehensive plan for all aspects of the implantation process. External expertise from local government and the community should be considered when not available in the agency. The selected body-camera vendor should have, and offer, additional support for the process. It’s also important that community stakeholders’ input is solicited and considered. Bringing this diverse group together and building a cohesive team that can effectively work toward implementing a body-worn camera program can be a challenge.Finally, working with state lawmakers to provide them with objective and comprehensive information for their critical decisions on body-worn cameras is absolutely essential. 


Daniel Zehnder, Founder and CEO of Principis Group Inc., can provide collaboration services by providing:

  • Implementation process presentations

  • Meeting facilitation so the the “wheel is not reinvented”

  • Individual stakeholder body-worn camera education programs

  • Process meditation and resolution

  • Comprehensive informational briefs for lawmakers


Let Principis Group facilitate your collaboration process and turn your body-worn camera program challenges turning into successes.



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