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National Law Enforcement Records Management Conference

August 20, 2016

Handling public records requests for body camera recordings can be a daunting and costly challenge for any department. I had the pleasure of speaking to over 175 attendees at the 2016 National Law Enforcement Records Management Conference in New Orleans August 8-10 on the topic of body camera public records requests. The conference was presented by PRI Management Group, recognized as the premier law enforcement information management consultancy in America. I presented a model for an effective, efficient, and cost-effective method of receiving, processing and distributing body camera recordings to the public. This model is scalable and adaptable for departments of any size that are either required by law or agency policy to disseminate these recordings. Learn more about the model and process by contacting me at The model will also be presented at the 2016 IACP National Conference in San Diego October 15-18, 2016.

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