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CNA Releases Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department Body-Worn Camera Study

Updated: Feb 28

November 27, 2017

This morning, in a press conference held at the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department Headquarters, CNA publicly released what is perhaps the most important research to date on the efficacy of body-worn cameras in a major police department. The yearlong study, conducted in 2014-2015, followed 400 volunteer officers in a rigorous randomized controlled trial experiment. The study was funded by the National Institute of Justice with research conducted by CNA, the University of Nevada Las Vegas and research partners around the country, all supported by a small dedicated team of officers at LVMPD which I was privileged to lead. The enlightening results are, in some cases, contradictory to other recently released studies and include a limited cost-benefit analysis. I encourage all police executive, body camera program managers, and political leadership to read the study. I am available to speak with departments regarding the challenges of partnering with researchers on studies of this magnitude. The study can be found here.

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