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Body Cameras and Police Accountability in Portland, OR

Updated: Mar 21

An interesting and thoughtful comment on the potential efficacy of body-worn cameras at the Portland Police Bureau. Beyond the political and unique police-community relations in Portland, the editorial raises a number of valid questions. Ms. Avalos' writes about the challenges of working with the Bureau and City of Portland to craft polices and procedures for the cameras and also about the cost, accessibility, and application of the system. Ultimately, Ms. Avalos is correct. Body-worn cameras can't automate police accountability. They are, however, an important tool for law enforcement and the communities they serve. Portland is the last large police agency in the country that hasn't implemented body-worn cameras. It's time they do so but with realistic expectations from all sides that cameras aren't the panacea to repair poor police-community relations. (click on picture above for editorial)

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