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Daniel J. Zehnder

Consultant, Trainer & Speaker




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(702) 882-2779

Daniel J. Zehnder is the Founder, CEO and Chief Consultant of Principis Group Inc., a training and consulting service provider for public safety agencies, local and state governments, and technology companies. Principis Group Inc. focuses on assisting organizations navigate the complex issues related to implementing, managing, sustaining and supporting an effective body-worn camera program. Daniel has provided training and consultation to over 100 police agencies, local government entities and numerous technology companies as they manage the challenges associated with a body-worn camera program. He has given numerous presentations to audiences nationwide on a variety of body-worn camera topics.

Daniel is also a retired captain from the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department. His career culminated with his assignment as the Commander of the Communications Bureau. He was also the department’s Body-Worn Camera Program Manager for two and a half years where he was responsible for all aspects of planning, operations, and management of the department’s camera program. 

Daniel is a Subject Matter Expert for the Bureau of Justice Assistance Body-Worn Camera Pilot Implementation Program Grant Training and Technical Assistance Team managed by CNA Corporation. He has been involved with the body-worn camera discussion at the national level having been privileged to serve as a subject matter expert for the Bureau of Justice Assistance as they developed an on-line Body-Worn Camera “Toolkit” which provides extensive guidelines and recommendations to police agencies for implementing an effective program. He also serves as a body-worn camera grant peer reviewer for the Office of Justice Programs and is a member of the Bureau of Justice Assistance National Training and Technical Assistance Center’s Body-Worn Camera Speakers Bureau.

Daniel was with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department for 22 years. He served in various assignments throughout his police career to include patrol operations assignments, operations support, police academy training, and quality assurance. Prior to that, he was as an enlisted soldier, non-commissioned officer and officer in the United States Army where he served in intelligence, special operations, and armor assignments. He is a graduate of the University of Louisville where he earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Occupational Education. He is also a graduate of George Washington University where he earned a Master of Arts degree in Human Resources Management.


  • Panel Member, Body-Worn Camera Expert Panel, Bureau of Justice Assistance, Office of Justice Programs, US Department of Justice, Washington DC, February 2015​​

  • Presenter, Body-Worn Camera Program Implementation: Lessons Learned, Institute for the Prevention of In-Custody Deaths Annual Conference, Las Vegas Nevada, 6/9/2015​

  • Panel Member, Video Content Analytics, IBM i2 Summit for a Safer Planet, Washington DC, 9/1-2/2015​

  • Presenter, Body-Worn Cameras and Organizational Culture, Taser International,Scottsdale Arizona, 9/14/2015​

  • Panel Member, “Are You Implementing a Body-Worn Camera Program?”, 2015 IACP Annual Conference, Chicago, Illinois, 10/24-27/2015​

  • Panel Member, “Body-Worn Camera Cloud Storage and Content Management”, IACP LEIM, May 2016​

  • Keynote Speaker, Digital Storage and Content Management, One2One Public Safety Summit, Boca Raton, Florida, 6/13/2015 – 6/15/2016​

  • Speaker, Critical Issues in Body-Worn Camera Public Records Dissemination, National Law Enforcement Records Management Conference, New Orleans, Louisiana, 8/9/2016 – 8/10/2016​

  • Co-Presenter, Body-Worn Cameras: What Everyone Needs to Know, American Parole and Probation Association 41st Training Institute, Cleveland Ohio, 8/29/2016​

  • Panel Member, Current Trends in Body-Worn Cameras, The Law Enforcement Leadership Summit on Body-Worn Cameras, Coral Gables, Florida, 9/12/16​

  • Panel Member, Wearable Cameras for Law Enforcement, ASIS International Seminar, Orlando, Florida, 9/14/16​

  • Lead Presenter, Body-Worn Cameras and Public Records Requests, 2016 IACP Annual Conference, 10/15/16​

  • Panel Member, Variations in Body-Worn Camera Policies: Sources, Suggestions, Solutions, 2016 IACP Annual Conference, 10/18/16​

  • Presenter, Body-Worn Cameras as a Risk Management Tool, FRA Body-Worn Camera Summer Forum, Washington DC, 6/21/2017​

  • Presenter, 2017 IACP Annual Conference, Body-Worn Cameras as a Risk Management Tool, Philadelphia PA, 10/22/2017​

  • Panel Member, The Benefits of Body-Worn Cameras: The Las Vegas Study, 2017 American Society of Criminology Annual Conference, Philadelphia PA, 11/17/2017​

  • Presenter, Compliance and Auditing Body-Worn Cameras at your Agency, Panel Moderator, “Body-Worn Camera Discipline: How Rules Are Enforced”, Axon Accelerate, Scottsdale AZ, 6/5-6/2018​

  • Presenter, Body-Worn Cameras as a Risk Management Tool, Second Annual Body-Worn Camera Fall Forum, Dallas TX, 9/17-18/2018​

  • Presenter, Body-Worn Camera Compliance and Auditing, Body-Worn Camera Spring Forum, Miami FL, 2/27-28/2019​

  • Presenter, Records Policy Risk, National Law Enforcement Records Management Conference, Nashville TN, 5/28/2021​

  • Presenter, Body-Worn Camera Policy, National Law Enforcement Records Management Conference, Nashville TN, 5/29/2021​

  • Presenter, Body-Worn Cameras and Officer Involved Shootings: BWC Management at the Scene, Americans for Effective Law Enforcement Use of Force Seminar, Las Vegas NV, 5/11/23

  • Facilitator, Emerging Technologies, 2023 CNA Center Justice Research & Innovation Symposium, Virtual, 8/30/23


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