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Body Cameras in Private Businesses

There have been an increasing number of articles over the past several years about the use of body-worn cameras (BWC) in private sector businesses across the U.S.  Many are beginning to see the benefit of BWC in companies that have high-risk, high-liability, or high-loss operations. U.S. based companies are far behind their counterparts in the U.K. where BWC are being utilized in healthcare, retail and even the sporting industries. While this is certainly understandable for many reasons, it’s time for U.S. companies to take a closer look at this valuable tool to mitigate risk and/or loss. However, we caution against simply following the U.K. models or duplicating what is done by U.S. police departments. Private sector deployments are complicated and have considerations unique to the business environment. Consider contacting us at Principis Group, Inc. to see how we can assist you in successfully deploying body cameras in your business.


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