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Joseph J Mulé

Trainer & Speaker





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(702) 882-2779


or call

(702) 882-2779

Joseph J. Mulé is the Director of Training for Principis Group Inc., a training and consulting service provider for public safety agencies, local and state governments, and technology companies. Principis Group training services focus on assisting law enforcement organizations learn about, and address, the complex issues related to implementing, managing, sustaining, and supporting an effective body-worn camera program.

Joe is also a New York Police Department Sergeant with 17 years of law enforcement experience. He is the senior member of the Compliance Division’s, Body-Worn Camera Unit and the Department’s lead body-worn camera instructor. In this assignment, he has had the unique opportunity to assist with building the program from its infancy, which included selecting site locations, policy revisions, and developing compliance metrics. He also has a primary role in the day-to-day management of the program. In addition, Joe is responsible for the creation, implementation, and management of the NYPD’s in-service body-worn camera training curriculum. He is a New York State certified instructor.


Joe has shared his knowledge and expertise beyond NYPD. He has been a two-time guest speaker at Axon’s Accelerate, a national law enforcement body-worn camera conference, where he presented on the topics of body-worn camera compliance program development, leveraging body-worn cameras for collection of evidence, and body-worn camera video chain of custody. He has also provided presentations to international law enforcement from the United Kingdom, Brazil, Australia, Canada, and Haiti. He has assisted numerous Federal law enforcement agencies with guidance as they proceeded to implement their body-worn camera programs. Additionally, Joe has served as an expert witness on body-worn camera technology and security during criminal proceedings in New York City.


Joe brings his expertise, experience, and leadership to Principis Group with the goal of developing a new and engaging training curriculum designed to provide client agencies with the knowledge and skills required to implement and manage a body-worn camera program.

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